Bringing dance to every child in the New York City public school system

The Taylor School offers comprehensive dance exposure, education and training to dance students of all ages, dance audiences and advocates, as well as the general public. Our mission is to deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of dance as an art form and of Paul Taylor, one of the most influential choreographers of all time. Our outreach activities provide the highest quality training and materials for K-12 students and teachers in the New York City area. Through the Arnhold Tier 3 Initiative, we are able to give access to free live dance performances as well as professional development opportunities and curriculum guides for teachers.

Through partnerships with K-12 schools, and other arts institutions, the Taylor School outreach programs build on the broad mission of the Paul Taylor Dance Foundation.

For more information on these programs and offerings please contact Amanda Stevenson at [email protected] or at 646-214-5807 for pricing and for more information.


The Taylor School is a licensed vendor of the NYC Department of Education.

Arnhold Tier 3 Dance Education & Audience Development Initiative

This program provides free tickets to New York City public school children, along with their parents and teachers. Thousands of NYC children have filled seats during our New York Seasons to experience the thrill of seeing the rich range of modern dance in live performance. The program provides up to 100 free tickets per school along with free educational workshops and programming to enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of the performance.

Taylor-in-the-School Residencies

In-school Taylor curricula nurture the whole learner through the experience of Taylor dances, creative exploration, technical study, reflective processing, and the facilitated production of a Taylor-style work. Taylor K–12 curricula meet or exceed the National Core Arts Standards for Dance, as well as the NY State Learning Standards for the Arts and the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance.

Taylor residencies, customized to suit the needs of the partner school, include live accompaniment whenever possible and are available during or after school hours.

Master Class

A Taylor master class runs 90 minutes and offers a comprehensive experience of the athleticism and artistry that the Taylor Company is known for. Taylor master classes are held in our studios on the Lower East Side of New York City is customized for level of age/ability and number of students, and always include a Taylor teaching artist and live accompaniment.

Workshops / Assemblies

Taylor workshops and assemblies meet the needs of schools with smaller arts education budgets. These one-time events can include live dance experiences, video showings, lecture demonstrations, and discussions.

Polaris Project

The Polaris Project offers unique arts education opportunities for everyone through the lens of Paul Taylor’s works. Through the Polaris Project, participants are able to serve their constituents by offering them affordable access to live performances and other activities. These vital enrichment experiences help foster a sense of community and inclusion while providing a vehicle for creative engagement and self-expression.

For more information on these programs and offerings please contact Amanda Stevenson at [email protected] or at 646-214-5807 for pricing and for more information.

PHOTO CREDITS All photos courtesy of the Taylor School.

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