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As the educational wing of the Paul Taylor Dance Foundation, the Taylor School is committed to providing high quality dance education to students of all ages, from introductory classes to rigorous professional classes, from tiny tots to elders. Through a wide range of classes, formats, and activities, the school seeks to nurture, sustain, and advance the field of dance by sharing Paul Taylor’s rich repertory, fostering the talents of budding choreographers while exposing students to a wide range of dance styles and techniques. As an American art form, modern dance has emerged from its inherent multiculturalism. The Taylor School embraces the rich history of the field while providing innovative dance education initiatives and seeks to produce the next generation of dancers, dance makers, dance audiences, and dance advocates.

Each of our education programs is described in detail. We welcome you to explore the world of Taylor.

—Carolyn Adams, Director of Education

We are constantly observing local government and CDC guidelines on COVID-19 recommendations. Visit our POLICIES & FORMS page to see our most up-to-date protocols.


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PHOTO CREDITS (top to bottom | left to right) Header photo of dancers at a Taylor Intensive, Alan Olshan; alumna Annmaria Mazzini teaching a morning class in the Taylor studios, Whitney Browne; students in a youth program class at the Taylor studios, Paul B. Goode; Taylor Teen Ensemble dancers, Alan Olshan; dancers during a Taylor Intensive, Whitney Browne; Tier 3 students at Lincoln Center, the Taylor Archives; Taylor summer dance camp students, Alan Olshan.

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