Our Company offers a range of opportunities to enhance your audience’s experience of our work or to engage students and budding professionals in the challenges of the industry

From masterclasses to documentary screenings, we are always excited to create additional opportunities with presenters and educational leaders.

Options include:


If you would you like to discuss more details about booking the Company and other engagement opportunities, call or email Lisa Conlon, Director of Touring Engagements, 646-214-5810 or [email protected]


The masterclass presents the Paul Taylor style and teaches a sample of Taylor repertoire. Taylor’s signature movements have significantly influenced modern dance, and Taylor repertoire can be found performed by many professional modern and ballet companies around the world. Masterclasses are taught by current and former company members.


The professional open forum provides soon-to-be professional dancers and others looking to work in the performing arts an opportunity to converse with our artists, technical staff, and administrative team members and get a firsthand understanding of what is needed to excel in developing a professional career.


Educational rehearsals are designed to provide a presenter with an option to invite donors, select segmented audience groups, or students to attend the tech rehearsal of the Company. The rehearsal is moderated by a company leader who gives an overview of the Company’s history and the work being presented. The educational rehearsal is interactive allowing for audience questions about the Company, the dances, and the technical production.


Pre/post show conversations and Q&As can create a memorable discussion  between artists, moderators, and audience members. Intended to be informal, these talks cover Taylor repertoire, Company activities, and give detailed insight into specific works in a chosen program.


Two masterful documentaries that feature Paul Taylor and his creative process are available for online streaming or in-theater showings:

Matthew Diamond’s Academy Award-nominated  Dancemaker (1998)

Kate Geis’s engrossing Paul Taylor: Creative Domain (2014)


The Taylor Company prides itself on working with the presenter to customize outreach events that can deepen the engagement of donors, patrons, VIPs, and students with the Company. Talk to us about what would work best for you.

Worldwide Touring

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PHOTO CREDITS (top to bottom | left to right) Header photo of Suzanne Carbonneau, Michelle Fleet, and Sean Mahoney, the Taylor Archives; alumna Ruth Andrien leading a masterclass, Francisco Graciano; Francie Huber in the documentary “Dancemaker” by Mathew Diamond; patrons event, Whitney Browne.

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