Opus Number: 141
Music: Francis Poulenc
Set and Costumes: Alex Katz
Lighting: James F. Ingalls
Date First Performed: November 8, 2014

Notes: Young friends enjoy a carefree sail, and their joyful interplay in and on the water at a beach makes for an idyllic afternoon.

“Mr. Taylor’s poetic title is apt, as 10 of his bright-faced, smiling dancers evoke a seaside romp, with hornpipe-style rubbery limbs prominent, as they gambol in and out of a movable sailboat. In the end, “Sea Lark” amounts to a 21st-century twist on an old-world tableau vivant—more of a tableau animé.” – Robert Greskovic, The Wall Street Journal

Michael Apuzzo and Parisa Khobdeh, photo by Paul B. Goode

2560 1707 Paul Taylor Dance Company

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