Letter from the Artistic Director

Since taking the reins of the Paul Taylor Dance Company in 2018, I have been driven by a passion to find innovative ways to present the priceless legacy Mr. Taylor left to us – 147 dances – and to commission a new generation of American choreographers whose work, like Paul’s, is fresh, powerful, expressive, imaginative, and unexpected.

For seven decades the Paul Taylor Dance Company has been at the forefront of artistic risk, rebellion, collaboration, athleticism, and expression. Each generation creating, traveling, and imagining new facets of what modern dance is and how it can make audiences feel.

At the core of our lineage is Paul Taylor’s ability to take modern dance to the extreme. When he choreographed a dance to celebrate beauty, the result was astounding in its purity. When he confronted society’s horrors, audiences could not look away. He relished the power of this
range and how its power is captured in the strength and spirit of the Taylor dancers.

I created Extreme Taylor to poignantly showcase the unparalleled range of our Founder – two programs exclusively from the Taylor Collection that give you a window into Taylor’s exploration
of romance, evil, sublimity, sensuality, and beauty, danced to the edge as only the Taylor Company can.

I am thrilled to share these extreme works with you.

PHOTO CREDITS (top to bottom | left to right) Header photo of Lisa Borres, Michelle Fleet, Eran Bugge, and Jada Pearman in Paul Taylor’s Post Meridian, photo by Nina Wurtzel; Michael Novak in rehearsal, photo by Whitney Browne.

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