Everyone at the Paul Taylor Dance Foundation is deeply grateful to our supporters

We acknowledge and thank the generous supporters listed below who have joined us in our efforts to bring the best of modern dance to audiences around the world.

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  • Major Support Provided By
    $100,000 and above

    Jody and John Arnhold
    New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
    Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
    Richard E. Feldman, Esq.,* The SHS Foundation
    Howard Gilman Foundation
    The New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature
    Stephen Kroll Reidy*
    Shubert Foundation

    Director’s Circle
    $25,000 – $99,999

    Mary Beth and Robert E. Aberlin*
    Nancy* and Jeffrey Goldstein
    Mr. and Mrs.* Walter H. Weil IV
    John* and Margaret Falk
    The Fan Fox & Leslie R. Samuels Foundation
    The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
    David and Hermine Heller
    Daniel H. Isaac and Debi Isaac, in memory of Marjorie S. Isaac
    Robin and Frederick Isaac
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Isaac
    Elise Jaffe* and Jeffrey Brown
    The Jana Foundation
    Scott King* and David B. Hurlbert
    The Louis B. Mayer Foundation
    The Ludwig Family Foundation, The Honorable Eugene A. Ludwig and Dr. Carol Ludwig
    Lee Manning-Vogelstein**
    Donna Marshall
    Lee Marshall
    Teresa and Douglas Peterson*
    Yvonne* and Bjarne Rieber
    Rockefeller Brothers Fund
    S&P Global
    Bud Shulman** and Amy Newman
    Mr. and Mrs. William A. Shutzer*
    Leslie Hendrix and Joseph A. Smith*
    Theresa M. Stone and Charles F. Stone III*
    Cathy and Stephen Weinroth*
    David and Katherine Weissman

    Leaders Circle
    $10,000 – $24,999

    Lisa Brothers Arbisser, MD** and Amir I. Arbisser, MD
    Christine Ramsay Covey**
    Marianne Coughlin and Robert Davis, in loving memory of Dr. Robert Osnos
    Cary J. Frieze
    Justin and Victoria Gmelich
    Harkness Foundation for Dance
    Judith E. Hazen, Alex J. Ettl Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Hugh Hildesley
    Jordan A. Kinkead
    Myra Malkin
    Dale Melcher and William C. Newman, Esq., In memory of Carole K. Newman
    Sandra Peterson
    Sylvia T Pope
    John R. Sack, Jr. and Jeffrey P. Rensch
    Daniel M Snow
    Sara Solomon
    Sharon and John Steinhoff
    Emma Lew Thomas
    Marnie Wood
    Sam Yin

    Partners Circle
    $5,000 – $9,999

    Deborah and Charles Adelman
    Frank Baron, in honor of Noah Aberlin and PJ Simmons
    Lela and Jack Bogardus
    James Connett and Sally Brayley Bliss, Cornelius N. Bliss Memorial Fund
    Andrew Chatham
    Paul and Caroline Cronson
    Evercore Group LLC
    Joey C. Fernandez^ and Nicholas George^
    Goldman Sachs
    Dr. John D. Golenski**
    Mary and Randall Hack
    Hampton Family Foundation of Oregon Community Foundation
    Marla Hassner
    Richard Hertz and Doris Meyer
    Barbara and Amos Hostetter
    Korn Ferry
    Melinda Asman Krasting
    Helena Meyer-Knapp
    Meloney Moore
    Laura Halzack and Eric Naison-Phillips
    Robert Ouimette
    Stuart H. Coleman and Meryl S. Rosofsky
    Barbara and Andrew Senchak
    Candida Smith
    Ewout and Marjolein Steenbergen

    Producers Circle
    $2,500 – $4,999

    Michael Archer and Elizabeth Nieto
    Karen Reisler and David R. Ballon
    Timothy Bertaccini
    Joan C. Bowman**
    Priscilla Brewster
    Susan and Jeff Campbell
    Michael, Diane and Julia Christian
    Judith E. Daykin
    The Frederick R. Koch Foundation
    Dennis Furbush and Fidel Patino
    Lenore and Edward J.J. Grabowski
    Agnes Gund
    Dr. John P Hanson, Jr., M.D.
    The Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation
    Ira Eisenstadt and Deirdre Howley
    Virginia and George J. Jurkowich
    Thomas Kren and Bruce Robertson
    Stuart S Kurlander
    Elsa Limbach
    Jonna C Mackin
    Ed and Marcia McGinley
    Robert M. and Stephanie Olmsted
    Eva M Price
    Charles C. Savage
    Bianca Russo and Michael N. Sekus
    Carole Artigiani and Robert A. Scott**
    Rachel Theilheimer and Jonathan Beard
    Helen and David Townsend
    Thomas von Foerster

  • $1,000 – $2,499

    Noah Aberlin and P.J. Simmons
    Carolyn Adams and Robert Kahn
    Tom Adams
    Joseph Agostini
    Ellen L. Asher
    Linda and George C. Bauer
    Scott Bellows
    Barbara Berliner
    Lisa M Bonifacic^
    Jael Wagener and Lee Bronsnick
    Caroline and Timothy Buchman
    Maggie and Don Buchwald
    Carole and Daniel Burack
    Donna B Case
    John Colla-Negri
    Randal R. Craft and Irene Tichenor
    Britt Swanson and David Cryer
    Richard and Leslie Curtis
    Joan and Russell Davis
    Clarinda D’Cruze
    Matthew Diamond and Rae Kraus
    John A. Dobler
    Marina Draper
    Linda Edgerly
    Charles Eisemann
    Nancy and Michael A. Feller
    Christine Fisher
    Miriam Fond
    Norbert Goldfield
    Lawrence Greenfield^
    Gardner and Sarah T Grout
    Sharon Gurwitz
    Susan Gutfreund
    Honorable Commissioner Judith Harding and Matthew Reinhardt
    Frances S. and Henry H. Harnage
    William W. Harris, Coydog Foundation
    Daniel I. Hersh
    Courtney Heusler
    James C. Hormel
    Joan B Hunter
    C. A. Hutton
    Jock S. Ireland

    Joshua P Jeffery
    John P. Joyce
    Carole D. Kaye
    Christian K. Keesee and Lawrence Keigwin
    David Kernahan
    Paul Khoury
    Roger A. Kluge**
    Andrew LeBeau and James Samson
    Craig N Linden
    The Lunder Foundation
    Adam MacLean*
    Steven W. Magacs
    Julianne Mager
    Ingeborg Margulies
    Ellen Marshall^
    Maria Marshall
    Cathy McCann and Jay Buck
    Tim McGraw
    Dianne McKeever^ and Shreyas Gupta
    Carol and Frank Messineo
    Frederick H. Meyer
    Helene S. Krumholz and Peter Muldavin
    Satoru and Hiroko Murase
    Susannah Raub
    Robert J. and Paula B. Reynolds
    Eileen Robert
    Margaret and Frank Roehl
    Hunter Kerr Runnette
    Stephen Rupp
    John Sands
    Mary and Ted Smyth
    Mitchell and Sandy Sockett
    Donald Stang and Helen Wickes
    Katie Sternberg
    Josiah R.W. and Julie Adams Strandberg
    Dr. Michael R. Tessman
    Jennifer Tipton
    Debra A. Valentine
    Johanna Weber
    Michael and Leah Weisberg
    Andrea Likwornik Weiss and David S. Weiss, MD
    Betsy Robertson Whitters and John G. McKernan
    William W. Wilcox
    Madelyn and Steven Wils
    Susan and Kenneth Yamada

  • $500 – $999

    James Albright
    Richard J. Alderman
    Adrien Allred and Ben Martinson
    Lucie and Frank André
    Gerald Appelstein
    Daniel Aron
    Babette B. Bach
    Martha Blake and Dennis Paoli
    Claire H. Blatchford
    Eleanor Briggs
    Mady Buchbinder
    Eran Bugge and Evan Jones
    Carol and Wallace Chinitz
    Marin R. Correa
    Marianne Coughlin and Robert Davis, in memory of Rev. P. Paul Brennan
    Marianne Coughlin and Robert Davis, in memory of Mary Pace
    Gail E Cox
    Mary and John Crowley
    Lawrence Davidson
    Joyce Demoose
    Tamara Cristina Dimon
    Frederic C Duchac
    Teresa and Stephen Duveneck
    Jared Fine
    James and Myrna Frauenthal
    Corey A. Friedlander
    Lynn Garafola
    Michael and Sarah Gerstenzang
    Martha E. Gifford
    Frank W. Glass
    Laura and Thomas Goddard
    Nicholas Gunn
    Aileen Hefferren
    Molly Heines
    Richard B Heller
    John and Maggie Hitchcock
    Carol Peterson and Robert Hurwitz
    Kate Johnson
    Jill Kalotay
    Ellen Kampinsky
    Angela Kane
    Kenton Keith**
    Jane Khoury

    Elisa King and David Farer
    Sharon Kinney and John T. Hardin
    Carol H. and Robert D. Krinsky
    Rosalind Lippel
    Luis Lopez^ and Walter Martinez^
    Michael Shaieb and Brent Lord
    Nancy Lukitsh
    Leslie Mason and Thad M’Eyerriecks
    Caroline and Henry Matalene
    Lorraine J. Meeker
    New England Foundation for the Arts
    Cathryn R Newton
    Ruth A O’Neill
    Naomi H. Osnos
    Anna and Akshay Patil
    Alison Pavia and Franz Werner Paasche
    Roxanne J. Pearman
    Jessica Pepitone
    Evona Poplawski
    Irwin J. Prince and Eileen S. Prince
    Edna A. Pytlak
    Jeffrey Ross
    Lori Rotskoff and Michael Canter
    Sarah Schindler and Dale Ramsey
    John A. Schlegel
    Hannah and Raymond C. Schneider
    Alex Senchak
    Jean L. Shafiroff
    Allyn C. Shepard
    Don H. Shimamoto
    Jennifer Shotwell
    Noel Silverman and Tanya Melich
    Milan Simich
    Daniel A. Simon
    Susan Sklanka, in honor of Ryder and Kingsley Humphrey
    Katherine Skrobela and Benjamin Niemczyk
    Patricia and Pasquale Spadavecchia
    Sarah E. Stanley
    Harriet Stollman
    Victoria Uris
    Carol A. Weil
    Benjamin Weinberger
    Gary and Leslie Zema
    Hely Lima and Herbert Zohn

  • $250 – $499

    Suzanne M and Robert C Aldridge
    Robert Alpaugh
    Mary Jo Anderson
    Allan Armus
    Elaine Arnold
    Lawrence Asher
    Robert and Karen S Baart
    Allyson Baker
    D. James Baker and Emily Lind Baker
    Hope and Mel Barkan
    Anne Barone
    Robert and Sandy Clay Bauer
    Holly Belshaw^
    Robert J Belshaw and Barbara A Jones
    Patricia L. Bemis
    Susanna B. Boxenbaum
    James Coulter and Constance Berke Boykan
    Sean Brady
    Erin W. Brooks
    Daniel J. Brown
    David S. Brown
    Kathleen Buffon and Charles E. Buffon
    Geraldine and August Bugge
    Nancy Butler
    Albert Butzel
    Lauren Cherney
    Kristin A Chmela
    Alex Christie^
    Jason Chuang^
    Franklin E. Clarke
    Denise G. Clayton
    Lara Cocken
    Constance Cowen
    Chet S. and Karen Cutick
    Duke Dang
    Arthur W Davis
    Norman J. and Camille Dee
    Duane and Jo Anne Devries
    Constance Dinapoli and Andrew O’Sullivan
    Lois Elting, in memory of Faye Elting
    Elyse Eng
    Anne Tobe Epstein
    Heather Falk

    Leo Fernandez
    Christina Fitzpatrick
    Christine Geiselhart
    Kim Gibilisco
    Lawrence and Betsy Gile
    Margie Gillis
    Samuel Gorovitz
    Tennyson and Louisa, Grand St. Treats
    William Green and Diane Ruble
    Lois Greenfield
    Mary and Greg Halzack
    Amy and Robert Heller
    Sally and Elliott A. Heller
    Joan Hershey
    Marjorie R. Hess
    Pamela Higgins
    Stephen and Dale Hoffman
    Kathi Horne
    Carol Hsiao
    Gregory and Ann Hull
    James F. Ingalls
    Nancy F. Jackson
    Jenna Jacobs
    Susan Jones
    Peter Kaczorowski
    Diane Katt
    Richard D. Kilker Jr., Ph.D., M.D.
    David L and Barbara Jane Kline
    William J. Klotz, Jr.^
    David C Kneuss
    Bond K Koga
    Rebekah Kondrat^
    Sali Ann Kriegsman
    Samantha Labue
    Michael W Lamb, M.D.^
    Rosanne and Marty Leshner
    David Long
    Robert Luke
    Nelson and Mary Luria
    Eulalia Mack
    Miriam Malach
    Elizabeth Mann
    Paul J Margaritis
    Alison Marshall
    Stephanie Mayne^

    Larry and Mary McCaffrey
    Kenneth J. McCarren and Ellen J. McCarren
    Lee McClelland
    Susan McGuire
    Cynthia A McKee
    Kathleen Menikos
    Lillian Mills
    Sarah Milstein
    Maryann Molnar
    Shelley L. Munro
    Judith Nelson, in honor of James Samson
    Julia A Nicolas
    Michael Noga
    Meredith C Palemine
    C. J. Palmiter and Barbara Kaminsky
    David W Patterson
    Debra Pemstein and Dean Vallas
    Melinda Pendleton
    Craig and Sharon Perkins
    Judy and Don Pinals
    Karen L Putterman
    Barry V. Qualls
    Matt Quam
    Jennifer Ramsdell
    Carol and Jesse Reisner
    Donna and Martin Rich
    Donna Ritter
    Elisabeth Robert
    Todd Roberts
    James Roe and Gemzel Hernandez
    Marjorie Rosenfield
    Ian Ruskey
    Janet L Russell
    Neil and Sarah Sanchala
    Robert Sandler and Marc D. Mitchell
    Anna Sapozhnikova
    Bonnie S. Scheibman
    Marcia Schlaff
    Frances Ann Schulman
    Eric H. Schultz
    Keith Sedlacek and Anne Robbins
    George Sequeira

    Steven Shatz
    Seth Sklar-Heyn^
    Jill S. Slater
    Judith Smith
    Gustave M Solomons
    Leslie M Spencer
    Anne Stark Locher
    Bruce L. Stein
    Deborah W. Stratmann
    John P Tatlock
    Steven J Taylor
    David M. Traitel
    James and Carol Tsang
    Larissa Koch Ursprung
    Margaret Usdansky
    Eva Neradova Valik
    Donna M. Van Kirk, Ph.D.
    Edward and Linda Villella
    Renee Wadleigh
    Carol and Peter Walker
    Amy L. Wax
    Scott Wheeler
    LaDonna and Gary Wicklund
    Sandra M. Willen
    Jane Curtis and Joseph Michael Winger
    Heather Wittels
    Jill Wittels
    Albert Wolsky
    Blaikie and Robert Worth
    May Wu
    Steven Yee
    Cheryl Young

* Board of Directors
** Board of Advisors
^ TaylorNEXT
List updated as of August 20, 2021

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of our supporters at the Associate and Sponsor levels.

PHOTO CREDITS Header photo of the Promenade at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Whitney Browne.

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