Opus Number: 113
Music: Pietro Locatelli
Costumes: Santo Loquasto
Lighting: Jennifer Tipton
Date First Performed: November 16, 2000

Notes: The vibrant rhythms of a Baroque violin concerto by Locatelli propel a joyful romp in which Paul Taylor captures the essence of springtime by spotlighting the fresh qualities of his youngest dancers. A master of ceremonies dressed in dandelion yellow leads carefree young men and women who might have begun their afternoon romp sipping a heady elixir. The women converse, the men compete. With the arrival of a playful outsider, a romantic duo becomes a trio, which signals her acceptance by the group. The steps mirror the growing intricacies of the violin’s florid cadenzas as the dancers, hand in hand, become absurdly intertwined. By retracing their steps, they find their way out of their entanglement. The dance ends with all the young lovers still holding hands, ladies perched merrily on the shoulders of their beaus.“An instant winner, a joyous ode to the springtime of life… one of his most dazzling works.” – Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times

Annmaria Mazzini, Michael Trusnovec, Robert Kleinendorst, Michael Apuzzo, Julie Tice, Parisa Khobdeh, Amy Young, and Orion Duckstein, photo by Paul B. Goode

1755 1194 Paul Taylor Dance Company

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