Taylor Treasures: Cloven Kingdom 5th Grade Fan Art & Reviews, November 1981

Taylor Treasures: Cloven Kingdom 5th Grade Fan Art & Reviews, November 1981 by Jonathan Craig, Archivist While delving into Paul Taylor's personal correspondence recently, I unearthed a folder stuffed with drawings and reviews from Susan K. Davis's 5th-grade class at the Laboratory School in Chicago. The students attended a special “mini-concert” of Cloven Kingdom and…

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A Triumphant Spring 2023 Tour

by Michael Novak, Artistic DirectorI am happy to report that our Spring 2023 Tour was a triumph - our most significant national tour since the pandemic that sent the Company coast-to-coast and back again! From Philadelphia to Los Angeles, from Denver to Boston, we reminded audiences of the power of excellent modern dance performed live.…

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Dancing Paul Taylor in the UK and Austria

by Richard Chen See, Director of LicensingIn 1973, at London's Sadler's Wells Theater, I had the privilege of witnessing Paul Taylor and his company perform for the first time. Little did I know then that this encounter would shape my own artistic path in profound ways. Throughout the 1970s, my time in England allowed me…

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Taylor x Technology: Exploring New Frontiers in Movement Analysis and Interactive Education

by Carolyn Adams, Director of Education The Paul Taylor Dance Company is at the forefront of embracing technology as an integral aspect of its expansion. In a recent collaborative experiment with graduate students from Carnegie Mellon University, the company delved into the realm of computerized movement tracking. The aim was to develop a tool that…

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